The ability of Melinda to understand the needs of each one of the company’s associates and customers, combined with the ability to purchase large quantities of high-quality honey, allows us to satisfy every demand.

Melinda products are distributed successfully abroad, supplying primarily the markets of Central and Western Europe, as well as of the USA and Canada; this renders Melinda the largest Greek exporter of honey products. But the company’s activity is not limited to its own products, as it also produces a wide range of private label honey products for well-known supermarket chains both in Greece and internationally. The company’s client list also includes large domestic and foreign wholesale customers, active in the sectors of dairy products, confectionary, and baked and pastry goods.
Melinda is a consistent ambassador of Greek Honey and Greek Entrepreneurship in every large international trade fair, always aspiring to widen the field of its business collaborations with foreign customers, as it is in a position to offer them products with the optimal quality/price ratio.