Since its establishment in 2000, Melinda combines traditional beekeeping techniques with the most state-of-the-art facilities in Greece for the preparation of honey products for market. The abundance of Greek nature allows Melinda to select and make available a wide variety of honeys to meet every flavor requirement.

Melinda is one of the largest manufacturers of honey in Europe, with extensive export activity and an annual production of 8,000 tons. The requirements of its customers have established early on the need to maintain high-quality standards in the processing and preparation of honey for market.

Melinda, we believe that specialization is what makes the difference. Our broad and in-depth knowledge of our target markets, our extensive know-how regarding honey, and our ability to combine the above with our commercial know-how, allow us to accrue value to all our business relationships and collaborations.
And we continue with the same eagerness and responsible attitude.