Invitation of Interest

Melinda invites all existing beekeepers and all young people who are seeking a professional outlet to take advantage of the generous gift of Greek nature, thanks to which Greek honey is considered among the best in the world, and calls upon them to become involved with and to develop Greek beekeeping, providing them with every guarantee required for the success of their venture.

During a long-lasting period of economic recession, of financial and job insecurity, such actions can show the way for a revision of the country’s production model towards the goal of the recovery of the national economy, driven by private initiative and the exploitation of our country’s comparative advantages.

Melinda invites everyone who is already involved or wishes to become involved with beekeeping to join it for the creation of new jobs in the primary sector, the acquisition of a guaranteed income, and for individual and collective development and progress. In anticipation of the positive response of professionals in the sector, the company has established a department to accept applications of interest from existing or new beekeepers. Applications are already being accepted, and interested parties may contact the company by phone at +30 2310680512 or email at