Our Beekeepers

We gather honey from 2,000 producers and from 514 villages and settlements, even from the most distant regions of Epirus, Evros and the border islands. We support Greek producers because they are faithful to Greek tradition, and in a blessed land with enormous biodiversity, they produce honey of a quality superior to almost any other in the world!

Melinda and its people are always on the side of Greek beekeepers, large or small, supporting them in a collective effort to improve production methods by implementing good practices while respecting the bees and their habitats.

In order to actively support Greek beekeepers, we have decided the implement a series of actions to promote the development and further flourishing of Greek beekeeping, as follows:

  1. Closed, five-year contracts with interested beekeepers for the purchase of the entire produced quantity of honey. These contracts shall anticipate the cash payment of producers through a bank and the simultaneous fixing of the price for the purchase of honey, which may increase depending on the conditions, but under no circumstances may it decrease below the originally agreed starting price of the contract. In this way, Greek beekeepers who wish to collaborate with Melinda shall be relieved from the stress and uncertainty of future sales and be able to concentrate on their work, which is the production of ample, good quality honey. The company is committed, based on the principles of transparency and reliability that it espouses, upon the completion of the first cycle of contracts with beekeepers, to publish in the media all information pertaining to the contracting parties, and every year the best beekeepers shall be recognized and awarded.
  2. Provision of consultation services to new and existing beekeepers by expert company employees, specialized associated scientists, and experienced beekeepers throughout Greece that will be selected by Melinda. The company will proceed to thoroughly map all the basic problems that emerge per beekeeping region, as well as the demands of customers from international markets regarding issues related to new buying trends in honey varieties and regulatory and other provisions that apply in foreign countries. Subsequently,  Melinda will organize meetings in every beekeeping region in Greece, where its scientific associates will present recommended solutions to the problems faced by local beekeepers, and the sales department will propose directions for the production of honey varieties that are popular and in great demand, so that the honey produced, in addition to being of exceptional quality, will also be immediately marketable with the highest possible sale price.
  3. Activation of a plan of contractual beekeeping in collaboration with Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank, through which existing or new beekeepers will benefit by gaining access to the initial funds necessary for their operations.
  4. At Melinda, we hold a deeply rooted belief that the production of quality honey is inextricably linked to the existence of a healthy natural habitat for the bee colonies and for the people who manage them. For this reason, after identifying areas lacking in natural flora, Melinda will pursue actions to reinforce them. These actions, with financial support from Melinda and the collaboration of local authorities and other institutions, will aim to the ecological enhancement of degraded or stricken areas through reforestation, planting of flowering plants, and any other activity that is deemed to positively contribute to the balancing of the local ecosystems.
  5. Optional checks at our company’s lab of the supplies used by beekeepers, in order to identify harmful substances that may contaminate the honey.